Welcome to brand new Lake District Drives!

Welcome to my brand new website for Lake District Drives. This has recently been produced with tremendous support from my new friends at Mintcake Digital in Kendal.

The original website was established in 2012, basically as a hobby. Having spent many years exploring the Lake District and Cumbria, I realised there were no decent guides on road tours in the area. There are no end of walking guides but not everyone can or wants to go for a walk. Including attractions along the way would also be a unique idea and make the drives even more enjoyable.

So, I researched a few circular drives with attractions then went on to learn basic HTML and produce the website. I was very pleased with the original website but technology marches on and it lacked user friendly elements especially on mobile devices. The site has also become more and more popular so I wanted to improve the user experience and ensure it looked good on different devices.

What hasn’t changed are the 16 wonderful Lake District Drives. When the site was first launched there were 5 local drives but over the following few years more were added and the last addition was the Ultimate drive in 2019 which attempts to satisfy those wanting the full Lake District road trip.

After much head scratching, I managed to include nearly all the main attractions in the Lake District and Cumbria within these drives whilst maintaining an interesting circular route each time. Clearly there are more attractions in each drive than anyone can do in a day but the idea is that one or two stops at attractions of interest along the way will break up the driving and enhance the experience.

There are over 180 different attractions listed and described in the website. Researching these has been hugely enjoyable but also time consuming and at times difficult with details constantly changing. I do my best to keep on top of these changes, at least by checking websites but also getting around the drives as often as I can. I am always grateful for any feedback regarding errors or changes to my descriptions.

I hope you enjoy the website and as many of the drives as you can manage. Any questions, please send me an email or message.

Happy touring!