Route Navigation & Sat Nav

Lake District Drives navigation notes including Sat Nav files for download

Manual Navigation

For those without sat nav devices or who like to navigate themselves, each Lake District Drive has an interactive map showing the route and attractions plus a brief description of the route between each attraction. The drive normally starts at a convenient centre and forms a clockwise loop thereby returning to the same centre. Of course you can start the route anywhere along the loop or do it in reverse, although route descriptions and mileages would need adjusting. Also, bear in mind that the mileage figures given are based on visiting every attraction along the way. If any attractions are bypassed, the total mileage is likely to be reduced.

Satellite Navigation

For those with sat nav devices, each attraction description includes the Northing and Easting coordinates for the vehicle entrance which can be input to your sat nav device for stress free navigation. Due to the quirks of sat nav route finding, no guarantee can be given that the sat nav route will be the same as the route described, especially if not all attractions are visited.

The sat nav coordinates for a particular attraction can easily be manually input to your sat nav device. Most sat nav’s have an option to input coordinates directly. If you are using a map app you should be able to enter the coordinates straight into the search box. For example, ‘N 54.59936, W 3.13758’ would be input as ‘54.59936, -3.13758’. Don’t forget West is seen as a minus in the coordinates. Alternatively, download the attraction sat nav files to your device as described below.

Sat Nav coordinates versus postcodes

People often use postcodes for sat navs and if you also have a house number then that should be fine but many of the Lake District attractions and car parks don’t have a house number. The postcode on its own can cover quite a large area and you may not even be on the right road. Also, some attractions are very remote and possibly without a postcode. Coordinates have the advantage of always delivering pinpoint accuracy to ensure you find your destination. Therefore, postcodes are not included but I am happy to receive any feedback and reconsider if enough people want them.

Sat Nav files

Each drive page has the facility to download the sat nav coordinates for the attractions as Points Of Interest (POI) files. You will probably need to use a computer for this, to link to your sat nav device or, for example, your Google maps account. POI files are included for the most common formats; Garmin (csv), TomTom (ov2) & Google Earth (kml). Your device instructions should explain how to upload the relevant file. Other file formats can be created from these files using a suitable POI converter tool, for example here.

You can download attraction POI coordinates for all 15 local drives using the link below. The zip file contains the different POI file formats.

Sat Nav files

Attraction POI coordinates for all 15 local drives

Download sat nav files