Winter 2020/21

Winter is always the quietest season in the Lake District, but the scenery is no less dramatic. In fact, a crisp sunny winters day with snow on the mountain tops is a difficult spectacle to beat. A number of attractions also stay open throughout the winter with visitors continuing to come in normal times. It is in many ways a good time to drive around the area, the roads are relatively quiet and the vegetation has died back, often allowing much better views from the roads.

Tarn Hows winter

The main problem might normally be the winter weather. Rain, snow, ice and fog can make the roads hazardous and it is probably best to avoid periods covered by Met Office weather warnings. Also to stay away from the high mountain road passes which can be closed due to poor conditions.  However, there are plenty of low level main roads and some good exploring can still be had in anything but the most severe weather.

Unfortunately, this year there are only a few locals here to enjoy it with the Covid-19 lockdown. The roads, towns and villages are eerily quiet and all attractions are closed. So there isn’t much point in writing too much more for now. We can only hope that the spring heralds a much more open Lake District and we can all get back out there to enjoy it again!

See you on the other side!